CTC  (Crush, Tear and Curl)

CTC teas are known for its bright red color, thick liquor in cups and very good aroma, these teas are to be drink adding milk to soften the hardness .CTC teas have different types of grade according to their sorting. CTC Tea is processed using the “crush, tear and curl” (CTC) method. Leaves processed using the CTC method are not rolled, but are placed through cylindrical rollers with small teeth. The rollers crush, tear and curl the tea leaves, hence the name of the method.

CTC tea was developed during the Second World War to increase the weight of tea that can be packed into a bag or sack. With the popularity of tea bags, this method has also grown in popularity.Tea processed using CTC tend to brew faster and yields more cups of tea per kilogram.CTC has grades like Brokens, Fannings, Dust.

 Preparation of CTC Tea

When preparing CTC Tea, one teaspoon should be used per 8 oz. cup. The water should be boiled thoroughly before being poured, and the tea should be allowed to brew for 3-4 minutes .Milk can be added subject to taste of Individual.