Darjeeling Tea

Darjeeling tea is among the most unique teas in the world, and is known for its elegance, smoothness and seasonal qualities. Grown from March until November in the Darjeeling region of eastern India, Darjeeling varieties include light spring and summer brews, late summer robust blends and lighter, early fall flavors. Consumers who desire 100-percent pure, Darjeeling tea should look for the unique logo provided by the Tea Board of India–which indicates that the tea is not combined with other tea leaf types.

 Darjeeling Tea is Different .

Many fine teas come from India, but Darjeeling brews are set apart from all others. Darjeeling is grown in ancient tea gardens, high in the Indian mountains. The tea plants thrive because of the region’s perfect combination of sun, rain, humidity and rich soil, and growers pick only the best two leaves and one bud from every plant. While this picky harvest technique means that the tea produces low annual yields, it also explains why it’s one of the most sought-after beverages in the world.

Brewing a Cup of Darjeeling Tea

Tea from Darjeeling, India should be carefully brewed to maximize flavor and prevent bitterness. Steep one level teaspoon of pure Darjeeling tea in a cup of boiled water. Brew tea for only three to four minutes, since over brewing can damage the delicate flavor. Add sweetener as per your taste, and enjoy the tea with breakfast, lunch or dinner. Darjeeling tea makes a tasty iced beverage, as well. Pour a strong brew over ice, and allow the tea to cool thoroughly before drinking.